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Tips To Improve Gas Mileage

Let Boss Auto technicians help you save fuel dollars by checking out:

  1. Tires for excess wear & to make sure they are properly inflated;
  2. Oils for proper levels, leakage, what grades/weights are appropriate for your car & if a flush or change is needed;
  3. Lubrication for items like u-joints to ensure they are not binding or sticking;
  4. Body damage that might affect the aerodynamic drag on your car;
  5. Spark plugs for misfires that waste energy;
  6. Air conditioning for Freon leakage & if working efficiently;
  7. Engine performance as an out-of-tune engine can reduce gas mileage by about 4%;
  8. Air filters because clogged filters cause your engine to work harder.

Call 847-841-7800 for an appointment to help you save money at the pump!

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